Candace Sams Interview

Ester: Today I am speaking with Candace Sams. Thank you Candace for taking time to answer my questions.

Candace: First, let me thank you for interviewing me. I appreciate it very much!

Ester: No problem, I enjoy doing this. First of all, I’m curious as to what made you decide to become a writer?

Candace: There was a time when I could no longer find paranormal romances on the bookstore shelves. When I did, these consisted of only vampire novels. I love to read them, but I kept asking myself why – out of all the mythological creatures available – were vampire novels the only stories being published? That’s when I started writing for myself.

Ester: I know exactly what you mean. How long have you been writing professionally?

Candace: Since about 1999.

Ester: What do you do for fun when you are not writing?

Candace: I’m not sure if it could be called fun (though I like it), but I’m the senior woman on the US Kung Fu Team. I’ve been to China and have lived briefly with Shaolin monks to train (Quanzhou, Fouzhou and Putien, China). To keep that training up, I run between eleven and fifteen miles per week and lift weights about four to five hours per week.

Ester: That is soooo interesting! And you must be focused to do that. Do you write full-time or part-time?

Candace: I write full time; many hours per week. Sometimes I have to set it aside and go out and garden or play with my pets so Ican get perspective.

Ester: Where do you reside?

Candace: I currently live in lower Alabama, outside Mobile. But my heart is where I was born; that’s Texas!

Ester: Cool. Tell us about your latest release or releases.

Candace: I also write erotica as C.S. Chatterly, and those releases are: Something Faery Special (for Total-E-Bound)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice
(for Ellora’s Cave)

Sarah’s Treat
(for Ellora’s Cave)

Island Heat
(for Total-E-Bound) *This title was co-authored by myself and a new author known as Mysterfier. To learn more about this unidentified writer, ask to be placed on my non-spam newsletter list.
I’ll have more titles coming out as editors contact me with release dates (another good reason to have an editor who’s in constant email contact).

Here’s a brief blurb for Something Faery Special to be released March 2009

While on vacation in rural Ireland, Shea Fitzpatrick is rescued from a group of muggers. Her brawny rescuer is sexy and everything a woman could possibly want. His only fault? He’s not human. Soon after one ordeal ends, Shea finds herself in an even stranger situation when she becomes ensconced in a lair of mischievous faeries. Rory Finnegan is out to play a game with a beautiful, young tourist from America. All he has to do is get her into his magical bower for the night, make love to her and let her go merrily on her way. But something about the woman enchants him. He soon finds he doesn’t want to play the game any longer; what he is feeling is very real! The growing attraction they share can only end in tragedy. Shea is mortal…he isn’t! It takes magic to be with a special, dream hero. But magic from the Faery realm is a double-edged sword. It will either give a woman an entrance into the realm of the fey where she may dwell with her lover forever…or it will kill her. Are Shea and Rory strong enough to take the chance?

Ester: That sounds interesting, Candace. Do you have any appearances or book signings coming up?

Candace: I’ll be at the Romantic Times Booklover’s Convention in Orlando, Florida (April 19- April 26, 2009). Please look for me as Candace Sams or C.S. Chatterly. I’ll also be attending the first Romanticon, being held in Akron, Ohio, the first week of October 2009. Other booksignings and appearances will be announced in my newsletters. You can sign up for them from one of my websites; they’re free and non-spam. I also offer contests for those on the list.
My websites are: or
My paranormal titles are on and my erotica titles are on My other websites are:

Ester: Any advice you would like to pass along, Candace?

Candace: Please ask tons of questions about publishers/agents before signing on the dotted line. Many contracts now (called conceptual contracts) will entitle the company to the characters and the world you create! If you sign these rights away, you won’t be able to sell a manuscript elsewhere if your pub decides they don’t want your novel. (With conceptual contracts, the publisher will own the characters and whatever world you’ve built for them.)

Ester: That’s something I didn’t know.

Candace: Be very careful about the semantics in contracts. Ask…ask…ask and then ask again! Get online, request help. Someone will get back to you. I believe folks in this business are good-natured. They don’t want you to make mistakes they did and will tell you quick and often about unscrupulous practices. If I can help, email me from one of my websites. I surely don’t know everything, but I can try to answer questions or point you to someone who can.

Ester: Thank you so much, Candace, for your time! I enjoyed our interview. Until next time, keep those fingers on the keyboard and write!

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6 Responses to Candace Sams Interview

  1. Anna Campbell says:

    Ester, just swinging by to say congratulations on the new blog. I think it’s going to be a hit! And Candace, the books sound great!

  2. Ester says:

    Thanks, Anna! Your interview will be up here one day, too.

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Great interview, ladies! And Something Faery Special sounds like a great read!

  4. Elizabeth L'Inconnu says:

    Congratulations on the blog, Ester. Great interview. Thank you and thank you to Candace for participating. Thanks for the advice on contracts.

  5. Nancy says:

    Congrats on an awesome blog, Ester!

    Candace, what fun to meet you and learn about Something Faery Special. You have wonderful experiences to bring to writing!

    Nancy Haddock

  6. Ester says:

    Thanks for your comments, ladies! I hope to post something once a week.

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