Skhye Moncrief Interview

Ester: Today I’m speaking with Skhye Moncrief. Hello Skhye. First of all, how long you have been writing professionally?

Skhye: I want to say I started in 2001.

Ester: Do you write full-time or part-time?

Skhye: I don’t actually write full-time. I edit/submit/work on the internet in promoting full-time.

Ester: That’s probably harder than actually writing at times. What do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

Skhye: I’m teaching my daughter to think like a naturalist and read.

Ester: Starting young doesn’t hurt. What part of the country do you live in, Skhye?

Skhye: I live in La Porte, Texas.

Ester: Can you tell me about your latest release/releases.

Skhye: The Spell of The Killing Moon: One must die so the other can live…

A werewolf and a time traveler’s carnal attraction becomes a curse when she arrives in medieval England to kill him for turning against his time-travel brotherhood.

He must guard a relic. She doesn’t care if she gets in his way.

Druid Elspeth is a were-assassin sent to Cumberland to kill a renegade time guardian. She never expected to find him her soul mate. All she knows is she must stop Aidan Gordon from changing history. The sexy, powerful knight proves too tempting to refuse. If his noble actions convince her he was wrongly accused, she will be forced to haunt the frenzied wood under THE SPELL OF THE KILLING MOON.

Ester: That sounds intriguing. Do you have any appearances or book signings coming up?

Skhye: No, but people can check out my websites. I blog about reference books. If you’re into rocks, extinct cultures, Celtic peoples, history, dictionaries, encyclopedias, anything paranormal, you just enjoy my ramblings at Skhye’s Ramblings.
They can read the first chapters of most of my works as well as snatch a copy of my free read VOW OF SUPERSTITION: DRAGON’S BLOOD. My dark paranormal, FORBIDDEN ETERNITY is available now, as well as SACRILEGIOUS SEDUCTIONS. (free read)

Some of my earlier works are: HE OF THE FIERY SWORD and SACRIFICIAL HEARTS.

was released in print on May 1st.

Ester: Thanks for your time, Skhye, I’ve enjoyed it.

Skhye: Thank you, Ester!

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