Ester: Hello everyone! Today I’m interviewing Elysa Hendricks. Hi, Elysa. First of all, how long have you been writing professionally?

Elysa: I’ve been writing with an eye toward publication for going on twenty years now.

Ester: Me too, although I haven’t been published yet. Tell me, Elysa, who or what influences your writing?

Elysa: There are so many wonderful authors out there I couldn’t possibly name all that have influenced me over the years. The same applies for inspirations. I can mention a few whose talents I envy — Susan Elizabeth Phillips and Cathie Linz for their heartfelt humor and snappy dialog, Susan Grant and Linnea Sinclair for their wonderful world building, Karen McCullough and Kelle Riley for their insightful critiques as well as their storytelling abilities. The list could go on for pages.

Ester: Do you write full time or part time Elysa?

Elysa: I suppose since I don’t have a full-time job outside the home I write full-time. At least I do now. For a long time I merely played at writing, only doing so when inspiration struck. After awhile, I discovered that inspiration is a fickle bitch. She only shows up when you’re hard at work already. If you wait around for her doing nothing, nothing gets written.

Ester: So true. How long did it take to get published the first time, Elysa?

Elysa: It took me almost nine years to sell my first manuscript. I started writing Christmas Eve 1989 and my first book, a western historical romance, RAWHIDE SURRENDER was published by Hard Shell Word Factory in June of 2000.

Ester: After you got your first contract, were you asked to do revisions? How did that go?

Elysa: I’ve heard legends of authors whose books go to print without any revisions, but based on my own experience I’m skeptical. Revisions, edits, and rewrites are a fact of life for most authors. When I sold my first book I didn’t know what to expect, but I was ready, willing and eager to do whatever it took to appease my editor. Fortunately, the revision process, from what I can remember, it’s been so long, went smoothly.

Ester: Would you do anything differently the next time?

Elysa: Other than write faster, which I’m still trying to do, and submit more, I don’t know that I would or could do anything much differently. At the time I was learning how to write and figuring out the business aspect of being a writer along with working and raising small children. My plate was full. Besides, I’m a big believer in not thinking about what I should have done, but rather focusing on what I’m going to do from now on.

Ester: Good advice there. Elysa, what are some of your latest releases?

Elysa: My latest book is FORBIDDEN MOON now available from ImaJinn Books. Here’s a blurb:

Laila DiSanti trusts no one. Betrayed by her father’s ambition and greed, she lost her family, her home, and her lover. Forced into exile in the lawless mountains surrounding Dramon, she eases her guilt by using her skill with sword and knife to hunt down outlaws and slavers and rescue the innocents they prey upon.
Pace Alastar is devoted to two things–his daughter, and the welfare of his home, the legendary hidden valley of Andacor. His world was upended when a ground quake damaged
the crystals that protect Andacor and grant its citizens near immortality. Unless the crystals are restored to power, Andacor and its inhabitants will die. Only Pace’s daughter can save them and she is lost in the outside world.
To rescue a young girl and save a world, Pace and Laila join forces in battling outlaws and the harsh mountain terrain, but can they conquer the insurmountable obstacles that mean Pace’s certain death?

Links: Code=IB&Product Code=FM&Category Code=NR7

Ester: That’s interesting, Elysa.

Elysa: In May, Dorchester released my contemporary fantasy, THE SWORD AND THE PEN.

Ester: Tell us about that one.

Elysa: She’d never been his to control. After penning ten popular sword and sorcery novels, Brandon Alexander Davis was ready to move on. Ready to stop hiding in his fictional world. Ready to start living life. There was just one problem: as he plotted the noble death of Serilda D’Lar, his warrior-woman creation appeared in his study, complete with a sword, skimpy leather outfit, badass attitude–and a quest. Was she nothing more than a crazy fan, or had Brandon finally cracked? This woman, so strong yet vulnerable, was both fantasy and reality. She was an invitation to rediscover all he once knew–that life is an incredible, magical journey, and for love, any man can be a hero.


Ester: That sounds interesting as well. How can we keep up with your latest news?

Elysa: My website is:

Ester: I want to thank you Elysa, for taking time to speak with me.

Elysa: Thank you so much Ester for giving me this opportunity to talk about myself and my books.

Ester: You’re welcome. Elysa lives in the quaint, central Ohio town of Delaware after living in Chicagoland for over forty years. When she’s not writing, Elysa does crafts, beading, counted cross-stitch, and scrapbooking besides reading anything and everything she can get her hands on. Sometimes, she watches way too much tv and movies with her hubby of 37 years.

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