Final Contests!

Did you know it’s a wolf eat wolf world out here??? They’re actually playing, believe it or not!!! But I think one’s winning. 🙂

Another great review–this one from Darque Reviews!!To Tempt the Wolf is the third installment in the werewolf series by Terry Spear. Each release has been even more exciting than the last, and they can also be read as stand-alones. The non-stop action, chilling mystery, and fast-blooming romance combine to make this a book that you won’t want to set down. If you enjoy reading mystery with a healthy dose of paranormal elements and a steamy romance, this is a story that you’re sure to enjoy.~~Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

I’m wrapping up my publisher’s tour, but it’s not the end! I’ll be here today at Embrace the Shadows, thanks to Barbara Hancock, with a free giveaway:”Wish Upon a Werewolf!” ~~Ready to camp out with a hunky werewolf?

And at Casablanca Authors with a free giveaway: “The Love of Reading is Universal”–what is your most memorable reading location experience?

I’ll be at the SciFiGuy’s blogspot, thanks to Doug, until Sept 21 for a free giveaway: Ask me a question, what wolf color would you be? There’s more room in our growing wolf pack!

And here talking about Bringing Your Cover Model to Work….or bring mine!!! 🙂 What would the boss say??? And another free giveaway!

So stop by! I’ll be hopping all over the place today!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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