Michelle Picard Interview

Ester: Today I’m speaking with Michelle Picard. Hello, Michelle. How long have you been writing professionally?

Michelle: I’ve been writing professionally since May of 2005. I was at home with a second baby, spent hours sitting in dark rooms nursing, and decided to use that time to do all of the brainstorming for my first novel. Talk about multi-tasking (grin).

Ester: What do you do for fun when you are not writing?

Michelle: Read, read, and read. Or I go out with my other writing friends, gab and eat tapas. (Here’s me waving at my critique group, The Quirky Ladies.)

Ester: Do you write full-time or part-time?

Michelle: Although in a technical sense I write part-time because I’m juggling another career and two young children, most of the time it feels like a full-time job after adding in the hours devoted to the business end of the profession. Plus, I’ve just about given up on sleep, so those hours count toward making this feel full-time.

Ester: Tell us about your latest release/releases.

Michelle: Let me give you the story blurb for RULING EDEN. That should cover the important bases:

What if a modern woman suddenly learns she is heir to the throne of a magical realm hidden in our world and is the most powerful magical being on the planet? Growing up an orphan, Rachel always assumed she’d be going it alone, until the night before her twenty-fifth birthday when she was thrust into the realm of Eden’s Court.

Her new job description? Unite seven contentious magical races in order to prevent the destruction of earth. But learning to rule is easier than facing her attraction to Gabriel, half-angel, half-demon. Born of a forbidden love between mortal enemies, Gabriel is convinced he is a political liability to Rachel. Once Rachel stops denying their chemistry, she must convince him to pursue their love. Although Gabriel is willing to help her solve a murder, avert a war, and learn to use her overwhelming magic, accepting their destiny together is another matter.

The book is written in a first person POV from the heroine’s perspective. This gives it an urban fantasy feel. In addition to falling in love with my hero and heroine, I’ve added a host of other very fun and provocative secondary characters who deserve their own attention. This book is my first baby and will always have a special place in my heart.

Ester: I feel the same about my book. Yours sounds interesting and…deep. Do you have any appearances or book signings scheduled this year?

Michelle: The only thing officially on the schedule is a trip to the Romantic Times convention in late April 2010 in Columbus, OH. I hope to be signing books there and meeting the wonderful readers who make the writing life rewarding.

Ester: I’ll be there! Do you have any works in progress, Michelle?

Michelle: A sequel to RULING EDEN is already completed by the title of SURVIVING EDEN. It’s with my editor now and I’m hoping it will be offered a contract. It continues the story of Rachel and Gabriel begun in the first book. Although the first book is stand alone, the second commits a reader to what will potentially be a four book series with the story arc breadth sometimes associated with urban fantasy series. If SURVIVING EDEN is picked up, I’ll be hard at work on book three. It’s been outlined and is tentatively titled RECASTING EDEN.

Ester: Where can we find your latest releases, Michelle?

Michelle: RULING EDEN is available in e-format through Crescent Moon Press at www.crescentmoonpress.com. It is also available in print format through the Amazon and Barnes and Noble sites. You can click over to the link to either while at the Crescent Moon site.

Ester: Thanks, Michelle, for taking time to speak with me. You can find Michelle through her website at www.michellepicard.com, or her blogsite at www.michellepicardsblog.wordpress.com, or her group blog with her critique group, www.thequirkyladies.com.
Michelle resides in Massachusetts, where she relocated to go to graduate school, met her husband, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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  1. Michelle Picard says:

    Thanks, Ester, for having me by.

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