Highland Hunks

Woohoo, thanks so much, Mason, for a terrific review of The Accidental Highland Hero!!!

Yesterday, when I wasn’t struggling to get my mower started–flat tires, dead battery, ran over my best hose once I was nearly done mowing, I was in a Scottish castle, and the Caledonian Forest and dealing with Highland wolfish hunks. Much more fun than trying to get my mower started, or, ahem, trying to cut away the ruined hose from the mower tractor blades.

What I would have loved would have been to be this little kitten shapeshifter, who was enjoying a good book in leisure. 🙂

Now today, I have to work.

As to werewolves–the university where I received my MBA wants to do a feature on my books, and an Australian student emailed me about writing her thesis about shapeshifters–ah…the life of a werewolf. No longer are they hunted (well, except for in Legend of the White Wolf), and they love who they are (except for one of them in Wolf Fever) and they are good guys (except for the bad guys) (Destiny of the Wolf, Heart of the Wolf, Seduced by the Wolf)…yes, the lives of werewolves. 🙂

I have to admit, I do have Scottish roots, many of whom ended up in Canada–Prince Edward Island for some, but as to werewolf roots? I’m still researching that equation. My daughter is doing a college paper on family roots and what ties us together–the military. Many of our family members were in the military. And academia, many were well educated. But werewolf roots? Still looking.

So do you have a reoccurring theme in your family roots?

Hope you all have a delightful Sunday! I’m off to writing!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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