It’s a Go!!!

One of the wonderful things about writing a book is when you’re asked to make changes to the book and your editor says it’s a go!

It reminds me of when my dad was working on the next space flight to take off and they’d say, “It’s a go!” Then they’d have launch parties and my parents often hosted one, then other employees did. The excitement was electric.

So I’m excited and relieved just like my dad would be when it was a go!

Wolf Fever is coming out in December! Ever feel relief and excitement when something important in your life comes to fruition? Can hardly wait for Taming the Highland Wolf to be there too! 🙂

And here’s a nice review from Maybe Tomorrow? for Heart of the Wolf!

“The tension Spear builds up between Bella and Devlyn through the book is electric and had me hanging on at the end of every page I turned. I was cheering the couple on as they came to realize their love for one another.”~~Beth

Off to work! Have a super Friday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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