Gray includes…

moonstone and hematite…and silver…

a lot of animals in the animal kingdom–gray squirrels, foxes, wolves, birds, elephants, just to name a few.

African Grey Parrots–isn’t he handsome?

I’d prefer to see my elephants in a zoo, thank you very much. I get my car dinged enough in parking lots, without an elephant resting his trunk on the top of my car…not to mention all the extra weight on those dusty gray tires…

Can you imagine how much water it takes to give this elephant a bath? I was in love with Dumbo when I was a kid, and wanted to take him home with me. The real thing–not a stuffed Dumbo. LOL

Gray wolves, the kind that are dominant in the wolf species.

When trying to find food that is gray–I think of unappealing and couldn’t find much in the line of gray foods, yet sardines are good for you! And mushrooms can be gray also and tasty, especially in beef Straganoff.

Shades of gray–murky, not definitive as opposed to black and white.

I think of gray days as gloomy, stormy.

Stormy gray days.

Or dark and misty.

Dressing in gray can be somber or elegant. My mother used to wear a gray cashmere dress which was lovely.

Gray slate and silver money.

Gray shadows and mystery.

And the signs of age–gray hair.

And Heart of the Wolf of course, that started out the werewolf series, earning Publisher Weekly’s Best Book of the Year!!!

Hope your day is anything but gray! What do you think of when you consider the shade of gray?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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