Black is…


And secrets, and seductive, and mystery and death.

Black is the night, and quiet, and vampires and forever.

Black is soothing, and scary, and rejuvenating and powerful.

Here is black licorice from Australia. I couldn’t find any pictures of licorice that I normally think of that is black all the way through, but I thought this was really neat!

Black is slimming too!

Black is power–FBI, ninjas–the black suits–the black SUVs with the black windows.

Black lenses on sunglasses lends mystery, intrigue, dark secrets.

Black hats were worn by the bad cowboys. But I don’t think he looks all that bad. 🙂

Black is elegant, professional, a statement of fashion.

Ever arrive at a function in something other than black when EVERYONE else was wearing the color??? Yep, here’s moi in blue sapphire. I stood out…and not in a good way. 🙂

Black is black ravens, and crows and blackbirds.

Blackberries and the sweet delicious jam made from the wild blackberries of Oregon and Oklahoma, too!

So what does black mean to you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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