Green means…

so many things to me. When I write, I think in colors. So when I think of green, I generally think of verdant forests, lush lawns, spring, rebirth.

But I also think of going green, ecology, recycling and having a green thumb.

Or unripe fruit.

And green beer for St Patrick’s Day.

But there are other references to greens–like being green with envy, or sick to the gills.

And the color of green eyes–which is what I have, and emeralds, my birthstone.

I’m still trying to visualize this water as being a little green…Okay, okay, so I just wanted to include a hunk… 🙂

So when you think of green, what comes to mind for you?

In Seduced by the Wolf, it is spring, and rebirth, the time for green to dominate the landscape. Course, in Oregon, it often does! 🙂

Have a super Saturday, and think green in a good wholesome way!!! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”

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