Lex Valentine

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Ester: Hello everyone! Today I’m speaking with Lex Valentine. First of all, Lex, tell me what made you decide to become a writer and how long have you been writing?

Lex Valentine

Lex: I never decided to be one. I think it was just in me. I’ve been writing since I was a little kid. I won a poetry contest in the 3rd grade. I guess I just had stories to tell and things to say. And I’ve always thought that maybe I write because I’m shy and I have trouble meeting people and making friends. It gives me an outlet. Professionally speaking, I got my first contract in October 2008.

Ester: Do you write full-time or part-time?

Lex: Part-time, sadly. I have a full-time job as a network administrator for a cemetery/mortuary company.

Ester: Tell us about your latest releases.

Lex: Rock My World is a M/F erotic contemporary romance about a rock star who falls for her younger opening act.

Rock My World by Lex Valentine

Honorable Silence is a gay DADT military anthology. My contribution to it is Afterburner, an erotic gay romance about two Air Force fighter pilots who fall in love.

Honorable Silence

Ester: Do you have any appearances or book signings scheduled this year?

Lex: Nothing in 2010, but I plan to go to the Romantic Times convention in Los Angeles in 2011.

Ester: Do you have a website, Lex, so others can check on your latest releases?

Lex: My author website is at: http://lexvalentine.com. My personal blog is at:
http://sunlightsucks.com. And fans can join my fan forum at: http://fivedarkrealms.com/forums.

Ester: Cool. Anything else you’d like to tell us, Lex?

Lex: I feel very fortunate to have met people along this journey of mine who were the kind of people who give back to the universe. I wouldn’t be here today with Jennifer Leeland “discovering” me or Mary Winter mentoring me and Dee Carney and Z.A. Maxfield befriending me. And it’s the readers and fans who keep me at this, all the people who send me fan email and chat with me on my Facebook page and on Twitter. I sincerely appreciate every one of them.

Ester: Thanks, Lex for taking time out to speak with me. I enjoyed our interview.
Be sure and check out Lex’ website and blog. Lex lives in California and in her spare time she plays an online horse racing sim game, as well as reads and creates websites.

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