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Joanne Dannon is an author of romantic fiction–sparkling, sassy, with sigh-worthy endings.  I like that.  What made you decide to become a writer Joanne?

I’ve always loved writing and often wrote poems and short stories when I was at school.  Skip forward a couple of decades and I started writing again because I had all these ideas in my head and couldn’t get rid of them.

I know what you mean.  How long did it take to get published the first time and how did it happen?

Nine years.  In that time, I learned my craft, read a lot of “how to” books, went to conferences, did courses, met other romance writers, read a lot of romances, and wrote and wrote and wrote.

All of that definitely helps.  What would you do differently next time?

Nothing.  I’m happy with my journey.

That’s good.  What advice would you give an aspiring author?

Work out which genre you want to write.  Find like-minded writers to chat with.  Attend conferences/courses to hone your craft.  Read a lot and write a lot.

Good advice.  What or who inspires or influences your writing?

I’m inspired to write when I read a fabulous book or watch a great movie!

Do you have any works in progress you’d like to tell us about?


I have a four-book series which I’m really excited about.  The first book, Kisses under the Spotlight, launched December 2015.  The titles and launch dates of the other books are on my website —

Awesome!  So where can we find these books?

My books are available at all the main distributors – Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Barnes and Noble.  Just head over to my website for links –

Thanks Joanne.  After you got your first contract, were you asked to do revisions?  How did that go?

My books had been rejected by all the publishers that I wanted to write for.  But then I went through redundancy in my corporate job.  I decided to have a career change from business analyst to romance writer and self publish my books.

What a change for you!

Self publishing took me on a steep learning curve and I’m still learning.  However, I’m really happy as I write the books I want and don’t have to work in what the publishers want.

I know.  Whenever I sent a manuscript to a publisher that wanted what I was writing,  they changed what they wanted!

In nine months, I’ve self published two romances and started up a company, Clarendon 3 Publishing ( which helps writers become published authors.  I love my career change and love being a romance writer.  It’s truly my dream job!

I bet!  Mine, too.  How long have you been writing professionally?

Eight months.

And what do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

Spend time with family and friends, going to the movies, reading.

Sounds like my kind of fun.  Do you write full-time or part-time and where do you write?

Full-time in Melbourne, Australia.

Wow!  So here’s your chance to tell us a little about one of your books.

Fairy tales aren’t just for princesses–

Superstar Alex Jackson steers clear of any emotional involvement after a series of life-changing events turned his life and heart inside out and upside down.  Broken and deeply scarred, he has sworn to remain single and emotionally aloof to all women.

Physiotherapist, Violet McKenzie is distrustful of men–famous men being at the top of her list for good reason.  She’s learned a thing or two about them and has made a conscious effort to stay as far away as she possibly can.

Until sexy Alex needs her professional assistance after a stage mishap and she becomes his personal physio.  Violet has sworn off love, but when Alex’s hot kisses keep her up at night, longing for more, she wonders if she can remain steadfast to her personal promise to never fall for the wrong guy again.

Can a superstar and an ordinary girl have a happily ever after, or is that only reserved for the songs Alex sings?

Praise for Joanne Dannon – “A sexy superstar hero who has it all except the love of the right woman and an ordinary working girl whose job propels her into the heart of the hero’s glamorous life.  Joanne Dannon’s wonderfully emotional story will sweep you away.”  Rachel Thomas, Harlequin Presents author.

That sounds great so far Joanne.  Do you have any appearances or book signings scheduled this year?


No.  I attend the yearly conference of Romance Writers of Australia, which gives me the opportunity to catch up with my writing friends in person.

Thank you Joanne!  I enjoyed talking with you today!  You can find Joanne on Facebook as well as on Instagram.

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