T.C. Slonaker Interview

Hello T.C., thanks for joining me here at my blog.  First of all, what made you decide to become a writer?

I write because I can.  God gave me an idea and I went with it.  Though, actually, I have been writing since I was in grade school.  I started with poems, then moved on to children’s books, and now I have moved on to YA novels.

I used to think it was easy to write for children and teenagers until I tried it.  It’s much more difficult than it seems.  There’s a lot to consider when writing for these age groups than writing for adults.  How long did it take to get published the first time and how did it happen?

It was about nine months between finishing my first work and getting my first contract.  Keep in mind, I worked hard to find a publisher and had 19 rejections before I received my first contract.

Would you do anything differently the next time?  If so, what would it be?

I learned a LOT from my first publishing experience, but unfortunately, things didn’t work out and I had to move on to another publisher.  But, since I learned so much and there wasn’t really a way to see things weren’t going to work, I guess I wouldn’t change anything.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

I know this sounds cheesy, but I would encourage a new writer to write what they feel led to write.  Don’t get caught up in what the “trends” are.  Your work will be better if it is something YOU are passionate about.  You may not sell as much as you expect, but at least you will have work to be proud of.

What (or who) inspires or influences your writing?

First and foremost, my writing is inspired by God.  I feel like my Angelmen series was given to me by Him for His glory.  I hope by reading my work, others will also get a glimpse of God’s love.  However, I also loved the idea of writing fantasy, about creatures not normally found in nature.  This, I found while reading The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis.

What are your latest releases and when/where can we find them?

My Angelmen series just got a re-boot!  After my first publisher could not continue with the series, I was quickly picked up by Blue Tulip Publishing.  On August 4, they re-released for me the first book in the series – Amity of the Angelmen.  The rest of the series will hopefully follow shortly after.  Check it out at:  https://www.amazon.com/Amity-Angelmen-Book-1-ebook/dp/B01JRHISAK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471141170&sr=8-1&keywords=amity+of+the+angelmen#nav-subnavaota_ebook_proof1





Were you traditionally published or self-published and how did that go?

I am traditionally published.  I am glad for that because I would have had no clue how to go about selling books on my own.

It can be difficult.  Everything a publisher takes care of is now in your hands when you self-publish.  How long have you been writing professionally and do you write full-time or part-time?

The first time I was published was 2012, so 4 years.  As with most writers, it is a part-time endeavor.  I also work part-time for my church and substitute teach.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

I love sports!  Watching (football and baseball) and playing (racquetball and softball). Naps are good too.

Where do you reside, T.C.?

My husband, three kids, dog and three cats all reside near Reading, PA.

Do you have any appearances or book signings scheduled this year?

I go to a lot of craft shows and do signings there.  This link has a listing of where I will be and when:  http://www.tcslonaker.com/events.html

I would never have thought of craft shows.  That’s a great idea!  Do you write under any other name besides your given name?

My given name is Tracy, but I write under T.C. Slonaker.  The “C” is for my maiden name, Custer.  I have been writing since I was a kid, so I need to be true to that person as well.  I just would like to thank readers who have given my work a chance.  Not many people search out unknown authors, and so I give props to those who go beyond the best-seller list to give the rest of us a chance.

Thank you for spending time with me T.C., I enjoyed it.  You can find T.C. Slonaker at: www.tcslonaker.com

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