Pamela Harstad Interview

Hello Pamela!  Welcome to my blog.  I met Pamela through Goodreads.  Tell me, what made you decide to become a writer, Pamela?

I’ve always enjoyed writing diaries or journals.  Eventually, I looked up writing groups and that’s when I began writing novels.

Did it take long to get published the first time?

After writing several years, the process itself took several months with rewrites, beta reading, and final editing.

Would you do anything different the next time?

I try to prepare the story plot, characters and conflict the best I can to eliminate as much editing as I can.

That makes sense.  What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Writers sometimes say to write what you know, but in addition, I’d say write what you feel.  And don’t give up.  Keep writing so you’ll write even better.

Who or what influences or inspires your writing?

People, life experiences and places I’ve traveled.

Me too.  I let all those experiences, things I’ve read and current events simmer in my head until they bubble up to where someone wants to tell me his or her story and I start writing.  So tell me, Pamela, what are your latest releases and where can we find them?


ERIN’S MISSION (2015) and a few months ago, HEALING JOURNEY.  You can find them  at  They will be free/discounted Oct. 7-9.

Just in time!  So did you self-publish or go the traditional route?

I self-published and it went quite well.  There is plenty of help if you need it.

So, how long have you been writing professionally and do you write full-time or part-time?

I have written full-time professionally for 3 years but previously I wrote part-time for several years before being published.

And what do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

I enjoy reading, piano, nature, and traveling.

Do you live in the United States?

Yes, in Iowa.

Thank you Pamela.  I enjoyed it.  You can find Pamela’s Inspirational Contemporary Romances at these sites:,, and

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