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Hello RM and thank you for joining me today on Indie Author Day!  You did a great job on the Indie Author Day Facebook page.  Tell me, what made you decide to become a writer?

March 16, 2009 to be precise, was when I started writing.  I would now say it was an out-of-body experience when I began my writing journey and if you ask me today where it came from or how I do it, I couldn’t tell you exactly.

Now that’s interesting.  I’ve never heard that reason before.

When a story comes to me, in my mind it appears as a movie.  I can see the characters, see their conversations and their surroundings, but the hard part is writing to make it sound like I see…very difficult.

Oh my gosh!  That’s how it happens for me!  It’s like I’m eavesdropping, but they don’t see me.  Sometimes, I feel like I’m taking notes to get it all in, but there’s so much information.    How long did it take to get published the first time and how did it happen?

I’ve been working on my debut novel for the past five years.  Actually, I’ve been sitting on it, going back to it every once in awhile.  Last year, when I thought about publishing it, I did some research and found out how behind I am with all things publishing, so, I decided to write a novella about a minor character in my novel and publish that first.


I like that idea better than a “prequel.”  But the publishing industry has changed so fast in such a short time, it’s really hard to keep up.  It’s like a “learn as you go” project.

I spent the past year learning the ins and outs of the publishing world and now I feel it’s time to put my novel out there.

Good for you!  That’s the hardest step, to be sure.  So would you do anything differently the next time?

I would try and build a bigger audience, mailing list, etc…But, other than that, no, I’m happy with everything so far.  Ask me again once I drop this book.  LOL

Building a bigger audience and mailing list takes time, but I hear that giveaways on Amazon works great.  I just haven’t tried one yet, but I’m thinking about it.  What advice would you give an aspiring author?


Write what you love and don’t worry about selling it.  I think we can get too caught up in the numbers and really, the numbers don’t matter if you are happy with what you are producing.

I think that if you aren’t happy with what you are writing, it would show in your work.  So tell me, who or what influences your writing?

My stories come to me like a movie in my head.  I can actually see my characters as if they’re standing in the same room.

Me, too!

It’s weird to think about, which I don’t very often.  I just let the story come.  Funny thing about that is when I write the story, it takes awhile to get the writing right.  It never sounds like it looks.  LOL

I guess that’s something we have to work on.  RM, what are your latest releases and where can we find them?

My latest novel is, “Control,” which will be released this month.

Oooh that’s exciting!  How did your publishing experience go?

So far, I’m fairly surprised with the results.  It was easier than I thought it would be.  The hardest part is marketing, but that will come.  As I produce more books, I’m sure that will get easier.  Or, at least I hope it will.

So, how long have you been writing professionally and do you write full-time?

Part-time for now and I’ve been published for one year.  But, at this point, I only have one novella out.

Me, too, but I’m feverishly working to complete book two before Christmas.  What do you do for fun, RM, when you aren’t writing?

I do graphic designs, 3D animations, and video editing.  I’m always trying to learn more in all these areas.  When not writing, you can find me doing tutorials to learn more.

No wonder you did such a good job with the Indie Author Day Facebook page!  Where do you reside, RM?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Cool.  Do you have any appearances or book signings scheduled this year?

No, haven’t got that far yet.

Well, you can certainly count Indie Author Day on Facebook now!  Thanks RM.  I enjoyed it!  It’s really cool to meet someone else who gets her stories in movie format.  You can find RM Gauthier at her website:  http://www.rmgauthier.com/  or on Amazon:  https://www.amazon.com/R.-M.-Gauthier/e/B0180XLIRW  or on her blog at:  http://writing-myjourney.blogspot.ca/  or on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/BooksbyRGauthier/  and on Twitter at:  https://twitter.com/Ren071968


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  1. Renee Gauthier says:

    Thanks Ester, for a wonderful interview. Much appreciated and I also had fun in October 8th and can’t wait to do it again.

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