Sci-Fi Adventure Romance Readers Wanted

I just finished edits (for now) of my second book, “Revenge,” a sci-fi adventure romance.  It’s book two in “The Vaedra Chronicles.”  I’m looking for reviewers for this book as well as reviewers for book one, “The Abduction.”  If you would like to read and review either or both books, you can comment on this post or email me at: and put ‘Book Review’ in the subject header.  I will send you a PDF or eBook file.  When you’ve posted the review on Amazon or Goodreads for “The Abduction,” I will mail you a signed copy of the book.  For book two, I would ask you to hold the review until the book is available (hopefully by the end of this month).  After that, I will send you “Revenge.”  If you would like to get any of my future books FREE, sign up for my Readers Group and then Ester’s Launch Team at:

Thanks in advance!


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