About the Author

I’m a writer on a journey to be published.  I decided to become a writer after reading children’s stories to my own children.  Some of the stories were so simple that I decided I could do it, too.

After studying the craft of writing, I learned that children’s stories were much harder to write and I’m currently leaning towards scifi and paranormal adventure romance.

I’m also curious as to how others have embraced their writing careers as well as how they got ‘the call.’ This blog tries to show you20140827_154009 (2)
how these authors came to be published for the first time and occasionally I’ll have authors guest blogging as well.  I hope you enjoy it.

If you’d like to see more of my writing, check out my other blog: www.writingontheedgeofreality.esterlopez.com  OR my website:  www.esterlopez.com

I will be doing book reviews at estersreviews.novelblogs.com